Station Schedule


  • 7am-9am Rise Up Worldwide
  • 9am-12noon TP Square Show
  • 12 noon-1pm Everything Doris Show
  • 7pm -9pm Chum Talk 


  • 7am-9am Rise Up Worldwide
  • 10am-12 noon TP Square Show
  • 6pm-7pm Ron and Romanay Reason 4 Reason
  • 7pm-9pm  Takeover Tuesday Featuring DJ Hot Sauce, Host By DJ Dutchy Bang and Tero


  • 7am-9am Rise Up Worldwide
  • 9am-12 noon TP Square Show
  • 4pm The Brothaship Show
  • 5pm-6pm The Hustle Hour 
  • 6pm-7pm “Enlightened By The Word ” hosted by Pastor Smallwood


  • 7am-9am Rise Up Worldwide
  • 9am-12 noon TP Square Show
  • 12 noon -2pm Lim Radio featuring “The Peoples Dj” Dj Lai-kuan
  • 2pm-4pm The Greedy Gang Take Over Show
  • 4pm The Sistahship Radio Show
  • 8pm Its a Latin Thing Show
  • 10pm-1 am The Feel Good Radio Show


  • 7am-9am Rise Up Worldwide
  • 9am-12 noon TP Square Show
  • 12 Noon-1pm Everything  Doris Show
  • 4:30pm Everything  Doris Show
  • 5pm-6pm DJ Top 90’s Old School Classics
  • 6pm-7pm Dj Double Sixx
  • 7pm- 9pm LIM RADIO featuring  ‘The Peoples Dj” Dj Lai-kuan
  • 9pm-11pm The Greedy Gang Take Over Show
  • 11pm-12am DJ Top Unplugged


  • 7am-9am Rise Up
  • 9am-10am Ron and Romanay Reason 4 Reason
  • 10am-11am Kwanza Mama
  • 11am-12 noon It’s A Latin Thing 
  • 12 noon- 3pm The TP Square Show
  • 3pm-5pm Gynesis Afternoon Mix With DJ Hot Sauce
  • 5pm-8pm The Feel Good Radio Show featuring Big Ace and “The Most Interesting Dj In The World’.  DJ RUDD
  • 9pm-10pm DJ Assassin 
  • 10pm DJ Jersey Mix Show


  • 7am-9am Rise Up
  • 9am -10am — “Enlightened By The Word” Hosted by Pastor Smallwood
  • 10am -12pm  “Rise Up Worldwide” Hosted by Joe Boss
  • 2pm The Sistahship Radio Show
  • 7pm–Special Guest Dj’s Mix