By Doris AC Johnson MA of Psy, ABA

I did it. I did it! I finally figured it out. NOPE! “All men are not dogs!” They are not humping on
everything that moves. Or sticking it in any wet hole they see. In fact, I see that many women
are taking the reins. It’s kinda scary, but that’s beside the point. Time to deaden this stereotype.

We want them. We love them. But there is a disconnect. We aren’t coupling up like people did
fifty years ago. Instinctively, women are more nurturing and more focused on romance. Perhaps
because it was instilled in us through fairy tales, so we self-consciously await our Prince
Charming. Starry-eyed, we romanticize the possibilities. It’s disappointing for the women who
don’t understand…who aren’t accepting, or who are searching under every rock and chair to
find a soulmate. And we don’t get the rock. We don’t get the ring. And in some cases, we don’t
even get a call back. I don’t know about you…but I’m sensitive. A strong wind could come along
and it could possibly disturb my emotional balance. I take things very personally. But it’s not
always about me or you. (notes to self)

There are multiple reasons why men don’t commit. They DON’T commit because they feel like
they don’t have to. Women outnumber men so there is a sea of women. All he has to do is bait it
and reel it in. And some of us are thirsty so it doesn’t take much to conquer us.
Maybe he doesn’t commit because he wants to keep his options open. He’s young…and I would
think that’s a valid reason because we definitely want a man that is ready to be in a
relationship…mature enough to exist in a union. Maybe he doesn’t comment because he flat out
doesn’t want to. Or the timing is way off. He could be working on himself. Not everything is a

There are also a multitude of reasons why men won’t commit. And the number one reason is
that he doesn’t trust you. Why? Because you are too available. And when I say available…I am
referencing your distribution method. First date sex generally is not the breeding ground for a
relationship. First date sex is not the conduit to a marriage proposal. It’s the road to emotional
chaos. Now you are wondering if you are in a committed relationship. Chances are…he won’t
committ. He will call you back on his terms. If you are giving it away with a double coupon…you
can forget it! I just thought you should know. Carry on!