Quarantine Tv Binge List

Binge List

Due to the coronavirus and the world shutting down we’ve all spent a lot of time at home. Once you’ve watched all of your favorite shows and you’re looking for binge worthy shows you will find this list extremely helpful. Whether you’re by yourself or with a loved one this list will entertain you for hours on end. I hope to not be too mainstream because duh you’ve probably watched it already.

  1. The Blacklist -Netflix

The Blacklist has 7 seasons total 6 on netflix. This TV-show is about a person on the FBI’s most wanted list that becomes an informant and helps the FBI catch the most evil criminals. I love this show. I  am watching it now and it’s so entertaining. Part of the reason I love it is because it catches your attention right off the bat; you don’t have to get into it.

  1. Good Girls – Netflix, Hulu

This TV show is about 3 mom’s that get into money laundering and even with me saying that it’s so much more. It’s so good. My only complaint is that it only has three seasons; it’s just that good.

  1. Blackish – Hulu

This comedy Tv show is great to watch with the family. Each member of the family has relatable characteristics or relatable situations that happen when your black. There is also a spin off called Mixed-ish that addresses problems in the mixed household which is pretty funny too. I  also fell in love with the spin off Grown-ish which is about college life.

  1. Money Heist – Netflix

This show is actually originally in spanish so if you can get past the lips not matching the words it is a great show. I love it because you never know what’s going to happen next; it’s very suspenseful. It’s essentially about a robbery that takes place at the bank of spain.  

  1. Jane The Virgin – Netflix, Hulu

This mock telenovela is about a virgin who gets accidentally artificially inseminated. This Tv show is very dramatic but keeps you on your toes.

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale – Hulu

This 3 season Tv show is based on the book “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margret Atwood. The show is about a woman named Offred that lives in dystopian society named Gilead. It’s very twisted and overall very good. I rarely think that the movie is better than the book but in this case the Tv show plays the book so perfectly.

  1. The Good Place – Netflix, Hulu

This Tv show is interesting because it takes a comedic twist on heaven. The main character accidentally ends up in heaven after being a horrible human during her life. It’s a very lighthearted show but still entertaining.

  1. Dear White People – Netflix

This show is so funny and relatable it’s ridiculous. It’s about a group of minority students at a PWI and the struggles that come with that. It’s easy to follow and entertaining.  I love a show that talks about real problems but lightheartedly. 

  1. Russian Doll – Netflix

This show almost didn’t make the list because it only had one season so I went through it pretty fast but it was too good not to mention. It’s about a woman who keeps reliving her 36th birthday in a time loop. This Tv show talks about what I assume life is like in your 30’s.

  1. Explained – Netflix

This show has a different topic that is explained in every episode. It sounds boring and granite. It’s not something that I could just binge all day but the topics make it interesting. The topics include things like gender, sex, and cannibis. I really just read the titles and watch the ones that are interesting to me.