10-year-old Montco author creating positive impact with anti-bullying book

Mayah Montero, a student from Pennsburg, Montgomery County, loves to do all the typical “kid things.”

INSPIRING: A 10-year-old girl from Montgomery County is using her new book to inspire and support those impacted by bullying.PENNSBURG, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — Mayah Montero, a 10-year-old student from Pennsburg, Montgomery County, loves to do all the typical “kid things.”

“I go outside and play football with my brothers. I wanted to kind of mix stuff up, so, I was trying to lean towards soccer and dance,” Mayah said.

But as of October 2020, she became a published author. She was inspired to write a book after having an incident with bullying when she was 8 years old.

“I actually have stood up for someone because we were at a park and this girl started bullying my friend. And so, I just told them to stop,” recalled Mayah.

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The book is called “The Adventures of Ava and Mia.” It’s a tale about a girl named Ava who comes across a bully at school. A classmate, Mia, sticks up for her, protecting her from the bully, and they become best friends.

“I also wanted the people who are getting bullied to know that there are people that love and support them. And I also wanted the people who are standing up for the person who’s getting bullied to know that it is a great thing that they’re doing, and they’re helping out someone,” Mayah said.

To cheer up those receiving her book who may have been bullied, she gives away book bags filled with supplies and leaves resources for them in the back cover.

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“If you are someone, or someone that you know is being bullied, please check out the information below and get help. You don’t deserve to be treated this way, and it is not your fault. And so, I have websites, and I have phone numbers and a hotline for you to check out to talk to people,” said Montero of the resources.

Mayah’s mother, Melissa Montero, says that everything her daughter does is all on her own, and that she couldn’t be prouder.

“When they receive the book, not only can they read it and they have the resources, but she also does a personalized message with words to encourage them on those rough days — so she’s amazing,” said Melissa.

“So I want people to know it’s OK and you’ll get through it. You just got to put your head up and keep on going with your day,” Mayah said.