11:23 AM PT — 1/3 — DaBaby appeared in court Friday and is being held without bond because he also has an active warrant in Texas. We’re told DaBaby’s legal team is talking to Texas officials to see if they can work out something to release him.

And, get this … DaBaby says he’s got $250,000 stashed in his Miami hotel, and needs his lawyer to go and get the cash because he’s been ordered to stay away from the property.

9:24 AM PT — 1/3 — According to the police report — obtained by TMZ — DaBaby has a warrant out of Dallas for organized criminal activity. We’re told that warrant stems from a fight DaBaby was in last month at The Dallas/Fort Worth Airport when the rapper and a friend attacked an employee working a food stand. We obtained a video from the incident showing the final moments of the fight.Play video content


6:56 AM PT — 1/3 — DaBaby allegedly robbed the victim of $80, a credit card, and then doused him with apple juice … according to the police report, obtained by TMZ. The rapper also allegedly took the victim’s iPhone 7. As we reported, the dispute occurred after DaBaby felt the victim — a concert promoter — had shorted him.

According to the police report, the promoter handed DaBaby $20k but DaBaby said he was owed $30k for a concert he was supposed to perform on Thursday. According to the police report, a second victim was punched in the face.

10:29 PM PT — DaBaby has been arrested for battery in connection to the robbery investigation. His bond has been set at $1,500.

8:00 PM PT — Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, the victim in the alleged robbery is a concert promoter. We’re told he was meeting up with DaBaby and his crew to pay for a gig, and the rapper believed the promoter shorted him by several thousand dollars. As one source put it, “Things just went out of control.”

DaBaby got hauled away in handcuffs, and it’s because cops want to hear what he has to say about a robbery … TMZ has learned.

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The rapper’s been taken to police headquarters in Miami for questioning by detectives regarding a robbery Thursday around 12:30 PM. Seven cop cars were on hand when DaBaby was cuffed.

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Check out the video of the alleged robbery. You see some guys — we’re told they are members of DaBaby’s crew — jumping a man and apparently taking his money and possibly some other property as well.Play video content


It’s been a rough run for DaBaby … he was just arrested last week in Charlotte, North Carolina after he performed at the Bojangles’ Coliseum. He was cited for marijuana possession, but he claims he was targeted and claimed on social media that police harass him every time he comes to his home state.

He said 15 cops swarmed his vehicle once he left the venue, searched it and found weed. CMPD has launched an Internal Affairs investigation to determine if officers followed department polices during the incident.

DaBaby was also arrested in early 2019 for an alleged attack in November 2018. The rapper allegedly got into a fight with a man inside a Walmart, and the altercation resulted in a man getting shot and killed. DaBaby initially claimed he was threatened and was protecting himself and his kids. He never copped to pulling the trigger.

The rapper was convicted in June of carrying a concealed gun, a misdemeanor. He was sentenced to 12 months of unsupervised probation and 30 days in jail … but the jail sentence was suspended.

Jeezy dropped a birthday bomb on his girlfriend, Jeannie Mai, on Wednesday night, and it’s safe to say she was pretty shocked. The Snowman surprised Jeannie by bringing out R&B singer, Tevin Campbell who, by the looks of it, might just be her all-time favourite artist.

In the clip posted by The Shade Room, Jeezy prefaces the Tevin’s entrance with a little tribute to his boo by singing a bit of the “Happy Birthday” song before hilariously giving up: “F*ck all this sh*t, I do trap music, I can’t sing.” He then proceeds to set up the surprise guest by saying, “But listen, happy birthday baby. I can’t say but, um, I got somebody who came to sing you ‘Happy Birthday.'” While he doesn’t sing her “Happy Birthday,” exactly, the music to his 1993 hit, “Can We Talk” starts playing and Tevin begins warbling away, not yet in sight. He comes into Jeannie’s view, which prompts her to immediately drop to the floor, blown away by just who exactly her sweetie tapped to serenade her. As Tevin belts the R&B ballad, Jeannie puts her arms around Jeezy to show her gratitude for his special birthday gift. The Shade Room also included a video of Jeannie and Jeezy singing along to “Can We Talk” in the car prior to the birthday celebrations, showing just how true of fans they are of the singer.

Jeannie posted a video of the surprise on Instagram with the caption, “@Jeezy baby. Thank you for the bestest birthday gift….of you in my life ❤🎤🚗.” The couple recently spent Christmas together with her family, which included an intense game of White Elephant. Jeezy and Jeannie’s mom, Olivia, who can be seen in the clips from the surprise birthday performance, went head-to-head for a pink blanket, resulting in Olivia having to take four shots of tequila and do 20 push-ups. There were also rumours flying around recently that Jeannie was pregnant with Jeezy’s child, after cameramen from her talk show, The Real, revealed that they’d been informed to shoot Jeannie at angles that would make her appear slimmer.

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