What to stream this weekend: Michelle Obama’s Netflix doc ‘Becoming,’ musical ‘Valley Girl’ remake

Michelle Obama (left) hugs a young fan at a Philadelphia community event in a scene from the Netflix documentary "Becoming."

If you’re yearning for an Obama on your TV again: ‘Becoming’

Michelle Obama’s brother calls her “the most popular person in the world,” and after watching the insightful and uplifting new Netflix documentary “Becoming,”it’s easy to figure out why. The former first lady is seen as inspirational role model and super-cool woman as cameras follow her on the 34-city tour that accompanied her 2018 memoir. The best parts are the candid moments with her daughters and Secret Service agents, plus the times Obama hilariously keeps her mom from touching her book cake andplaying the “Peanuts” theme on her childhood piano. Obama also discusses the pressure she and husband Barack felt trying to do everything perfectly while in the White House and  sees hope in figuring out what’s next: “My life is starting to be mine again.”

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